1. ‘Dyzen’is the musical project made by NICOLA DISABATO and FRANCESCO PERRONE’s minds. Since the name is the direct cover of the artist,
    how come did you choose to call yourselves ‘DYZEN’?

We’ll be honest: there’s no real reason for that. It’s important to choose a catchy stage name, that gets in your head, but this wasn’t  our intention. We preferred to focus our public’s attention on what really matters. Therefore Dyzen is a made-up word and we like the way it sounds. Let the music make introductions!


  1. You range over Techno’ sub-genres and Big Names of the techno scenario, like Mind Against or Fideles. The ‘Tale of Us’ have even played
    some of your tracks. How are you feeling about that? Are there collaborations in your mind?

We couldn’t believe it! Let’s just say that before getting together we used to do opposite things:

F:I didn’t listen to Techno at all, I almost demonised it. Couldn’t stand the absolute absence of melody and emotions in it and I couldn’t
take any feeling from it.
N: before joining Francesco in our project I used to play in small clubs in Altamura, our town. I was into electronic music mostly melodic one, and one of my goals was learning how to riproduce it.

Thanks to artists like Tale of Us and Mind Against we were able to find a meeting point. Honestly, If we exist is also because of them. There are no words to express the feeling of being supported by our idols. About the collaborations, this summer we made a track (non so come tradurre singolo) ‘VIRGO’ with Gianluca de Girolamo (a.k.a Vomee). Who was immediately in the public eye and played by Tale of Us, Mind Against, Fideles and more others. Nothing to complain, we can grow up even more!

  1. In only one year of work you’ve left a mark in the main clubs of Puglia, like Mandarino, Sound Department, Cromie and some festival.
    Is there one of these events that left something inside of you?

Every event is different, nor better, no worse. Everything is different from a club to another, people, sound system, our perceptions so it’s impossible to judge. All that we can say for sure is that our region lacks of a reality who belongs to us, since our music is innovative and really hard to understand (most of our fans aren’t Italian as well). In Puglia, nowadays, there’s a lot of resistance and opposition towards what sounds different.

  1. You played at ‘THE PLACE’ in Slovenia, recently. Was this your first even abroad? How did you manage to play in a foreign country?

We could get there because of our music. It’s so strange to think that this could be possible without any ‘help’ or reccomandations, accordinng to collective immagination. In our case, our commitment, hard work and originality were rewarded. About the even, It was our first time abroad and it was such a great experience, we can’t wait to do it again! The even who hosted us was organized by the guys from ‘MAGNETIK MUSIC’, the record label where our track HORIZON (16th of December) will be. Here is where our collaboration was born.




Now I’d like to play a game with you: I will offer you hypotetical situations where you will choose your answer honestly. You in?

Francesco quits the project, what would you do Nicola?

The Dyzen project was made by two minds, so it has to continue like that. So probably I’d choose another path or project.

                                       Francesco has a major offer, that excludes Nicola. Would you accept it? Would you pursue your career as a solo?

There are no rules. In my mind I already have an hypotetical individual project, just for experimenting and I don’t want to put any  limit on me and on my passion

                                                             If someone imposes you to choose between your project and your studies, or even dedicate yourselves in the Dyzen project completely,what would you choose?

F: I’m wondering about this everytime I get into my university. It’s not easy to run two life paths. You need experience to improve your career.
I’m 19 years old and everything I did as ‘dyzen’ would never be compared to one life as an engineer. One year ago I had a different opinion about that, but for now I’m too excited for our results with the Dyzen project, so all the way Dyzen!

N: In my case, my main two passions are music and informatics, so it’s hard to choose. Fo now, thanks to our unexpected results, I would  definetely invest everything on Dyzen project. We still have so many goals to achieve and I don’t want to regret anything. I will try my best until the end.


  1. Thanks for your patience. I would like to know one last think: Dyzen 2019, how do you see yourselves?

Great question. Something’s up! We’ve been working on a new EP for a long time, something original, that will envolve our evolution and musical progression. We’re working hard on creating a live set, where we can express ourselves more, playing live our tracks and performing on real instruments like drum machine or synthetizers.In the future there will be new music and suprises… But we shouldn’t say more. Stay tuned!


Traduzione a cura di Genco Chiara.

Francesco Tirelli

Francesco Tirelli

Nato ad Altamura, classe '97. Studente di "Lettere e Cultura Teatrale" presso l'Università degli studi di Bari, "Aldo Moro".